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Discover a world of nutrition with OnlySub.

Our meal plans are meticulously crafted by dietitians and expert chefs to deliver fresh, balanced, and delicious meals that fuel your lifestyle and support your health goals. With customizable options, you can choose from our daily menu or create your own culinary adventure. Say goodbye to overeating worries – our portions are tailored precisely to your needs. Plus, our nutritionist-approved algorithms analyze your unique nutritional requirements. Your body is unique, and so are your taste buds. Experience the difference with OnlySub., where every bite is crafted to meet your requirements and fitness aspirations. Indulge in flavor without compromise.

We are known for providing the best meal plans in Dubai, including but not limited to Indian Meal Plans, Vegan Meal Plans and Chinese Meal Plans. Order yours today!


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our meal plans

175 AED

Weekend Plan

450 AED

Business Lunch

450 AED

Dinner Plan

850 AED

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Why Employer paid programs work?


of leaders say that more employees show up to the office on days when free food is provided


of leaders agree that offering free meals and snaks to employees is the best way to incentivize attendance.


of comapnies currently offer their employees free or discounted


Our subscription service allows you to choose from various meal plans (weekly or monthly) based on your preferences. You simply select your desired plan, customize your meals if necessary, and we take care of the rest.

There is no minimum subscription period required. You have the flexibility to pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time, although we recommend giving us advance notice for any changes to your delivery schedule.

Yes, absolutely! We understand that everyone has unique tastes and dietary requirements. You can customize your meal preferences when you subscribe, including options for spice levels, dietary restrictions, and specific dishes you love or dislike.

By subscribing to our meal boxes, customers gain time efficiency, access to healthy and authentic Hyderabadi cuisine without the need for preparing or dining out, and the chance to experience a variety of dishes from our menu.

Yes, we are truly committed to addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have and eagerly await your feedback. We will gladly assist you in resolving any issues or fulfilling your requests when you contact us via phone, email, or visiting our restaurant.

We consistently uphold the quality, hygiene, and sanitation standards, especially with consideration of contemporary health issues. To guarantee customer safety and well-being, our staff adheres to strict guidelines during food preparation and delivery.

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